Grenache Trade LLC

Grenache Trade is a privately owned company, originally founded in 2010 by a small group of entrepreneurs committed to service and growth in the US and Asian Markets. Fully owned and operated without debt, Grenache Trade is based out of Daly City, California. Our main activity began trading consumer products in the Food and Beverage industry under the name Good Cream Living.

Soon after our beginnings we were approached by several high-tech, medical, automotive and health care organizations with requests to expand their businesses deeper in the United States and Asia. Grenache Trade started expanding with partners into the Midwest and the East Coast of the United States, creating deeper relations with Asian partners and creating a reputation for excellence in the industry.

In 2013 we acquired Binary Source Solutions adding a full service electronic contract manufacturing solution to our portfolio of services. With the additional services and partners now focused on Silicone Valley Startups looking to expand globally, Grenache Trade is able to create unique set of services to satisfy all levels of business.

With our growing requests from the electronics/high-tech industry and our deep relations in the food and beverage industry, Grenache Trade was created and is ready to serve our clients. Starting January 2014 Grenache Trade will exclusively work with clients with desired growth in the US and Asian markets.

Grenache Trade is currently working with several successful US based organizations with current plans for expansion until December 2017. Starting in 2014 we have partnered with one of the finest distilled liquor distributors and in early 2015 we have plans to move into the malt beverage and wine industries. We also have several high-tech/solar companies with contract manufacturing needs: plastics, sheet metals, extrusions, stamping and custom machining with contracts for the next 3-5 years.

Grenache Trade is also working with several Asian based organizations with plans for US expansion; heath care-beauty, food and beverage, solar, plastic moldings, and metal extrusions just to name a few. In the first fix months since the name change Grenache Trade has already position itself as a very successful and resourceful solutions provider in the Asia to US Trade Industry for the next three to seven years.

This Company Profile offers a comprehensive analysis of the organization; it’s business segments, and history. It analyzes the business and marketing strategies adapted by the company to gain a competitive edge in the industry, and is available for distribution in PDF from the website.